The Eureka Moment

2017 has been a tumultuous year in many, many ways.  However, on the blog front it ended with a very nice email from a reader.  The lawyer wrote in and said, after reading the blog over time, he noticed improvement in his own discovery work.  He also realized that most of his opposing counsel are awful at discovery and do not pay attention, using without a second thought the same inaccurate forms that have been passed down for years.  In that scenario, the reader found information shared on this blog put him miles ahead of opposing counsel.  My hope is that then led to better results for his clients.

Teachers are often quick to tell stories about moments when they see a concept “click” for a student.  I do not consider myself a teacher, nor do I consider readers students, but I am always glad to hear when readers have moments like this.  I hope all of you had one in 2017 and a few more in 2018.