Coroners & Malpractice

There are occasionally humorous moments in litigation, even in wrongful death cases.  I encourage people to appreciate those moments, if only for the purpose of maintaining your own humanity.  I had one such moment last year while deposing a coroner and asking foundational questions to qualify her as an expert.  It turned out one of those typical foundational questions was pointless.

7:7        Q.   Okay.  Are you — you have an M.D.?
8        A.   I do.
9        Q.   Okay.  Are you licensed to practice in
10   Nevada, then?
11        A.   I am.
12        Q.   Are you licensed anywhere else?
13        A.   Yes.
14        Q.   Where else?
15        A.   California.
16        Q.   Is that an active license?
17        A.   It is.
18        Q.   Have you had any discipline against any of
19   your professional licenses?
20        A.   No.
21        Q.   I was going to ask if you had ever been sued
22   for malpractice; but if your patients are dead, they
23   probably don’t mind.