Advertising Opportunities

Are you a legal services vendor?  Do you want to reach thousands of lawyers a week?  Compelling Discovery accepts ads.  The FAQ below provide additional information on the opportunities.  If you are interested, please contact me through the Comments? Questions? tab.

1.  Why do you sell out and accept ads?

Nothing is free. Even freedom costs $1.05 (2004 dollars), which seems like a comparative bargain compared to running a blog.

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2.  Why should I advertise with this blog?

The blog is written by a lawyer for lawyers.  If your target audience includes lawyers, then you can reach them here.

3.  How do you know anyone reads it?

The blog uses Google Analytics to measure traffic.

4.  What advertising slots are available?

There are two slots available.  The first is in the header and is a standard sized, 728×90 space.  The other slot is a standard sized, 300×250 space in the right-hand sidebar.

5.  How much?

It depends on a variety of factors that we can discuss.

6.  Are there ads you won’t accept?

Probably.  Compelling Discovery retains final editorial control over all submitted ads.

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