Videographer Pet Peeves

In the past I have discussed pet peeves from a variety of people in the legal system. This month, blog sponsor Esquire Solutions had a great idea: what about the long suffering videographers?

As recording technology has vastly improved and become more affordable over time, the legal profession has reached the point where video recording a deposition can be standard fare for some practices and firms. Just as an attorney should act to preserve the transcript that the court reporter will produce, attorneys should also be cognizant of preserving a video record as this then helps to bring that favorable testimony alive at trial.

EsquireADBrian Bywaters is a videographer with Esquire’s Las Vegas office and has worked with me on many occasions. His top ten pet peeves are below, my comments are in italics.

  1. When we are referred to as the “Video-Ographer.”
  2. When you have on your headphones, and someone yells into the microphone, “HELLO, IS THIS THING ON?”
  3. When people play with the microphone during the deposition and don’t realize that it sounds like an earthquake on the recording.  Way to make a useless record.
  4. When the deponent is in a rolling chair and proceeds to roll right and left all depo long.  The Blair Witch Project depo.
  5. When someone coughs into the microphone… all depo long.  Looking for a bottle of Purell.
  6. When you have to set up in a doctor’s office that is the size of your kitchen pantry.  Or the only chair he makes available is a wheelchair.  True story.
  7. When the doctor’s office lets you in the room to set up at 5 minutes before the depo.
  8. When someone says, “Could you set up a different direction?”… at 5 minutes before the depo, after you’ve just spent an hour setting up the other direction.
  9. When the depo room is as dark as a cave.
  10. When you set up and are asked to wait for 8 hours to start the depo, and then it gets cancelled.

Having said that though, Bryan said “[i]n the end, nothing is really that bothersome. It’s all in a day’s work, and every day you get to shoot video is better than just about any other day. :-)”