Compelling Discovery 2012-2020

The last month has been what attending your own funeral might be like.  Who would show up and what would they say?  Writing this post is like being the last speaker at your own funeral and comes with expectations that I will undoubtedly miss.

First, thank you to each reader who contacted me during the blog’s run.  You each posed interesting questions that I was sometimes able to answer, but often was not.  Thank you to each reader who sent me a note of thanks since I announced the end.  I appreciated each one.  I have repeatedly stated the blog’s primary purpose was to share information and educate.  Your notes made me feel like it achieved that goal, at least for some.

Second, I cannot express with words the thanks and appreciation I have for my wife.  I am not me without her and this 8 year tangent[1] does not exist without her encouragement at times, tolerance at others.  The choices people make affect themselves and those closest to them.  Choosing to do this blog affected her too and I have been inexplicably lucky to have her in my life with the support and understanding that she has provided.

Third, in my announcement that the blog would end, I indicated the blog would cease to exist sometime in November, 2021. Since that announcement, the Library of Congress notified me it selected the blog to include in its web archives. I am at a loss to explain how this particular blog has any historical value, but perhaps someone can explain it by 2120. When I read the email I thought it was spam and almost deleted it but then noticed the links did not direct me to a website in Nigeria. Regardless, at some point the LOC will archive the blog and presumably make it available to plagiarize for all time.

Finally, to the 4 people who actually got some of my obscure cultural references in the last 8 years, perhaps we’ll meet someday before I get to Stavromula Beta.[2]  Until then, keep your stick on the ice.

[1] Perhaps the best description for it that I’ve thought up thus far.

[2] Yes, they are obscure but then so am I.  Some of you may have used Google to get them, which is partial credit at best. If you did in fact get them without outside assistance then you should be exceedingly concerned for your mental well being.